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Factors to Consider When Buying Thermal Scope

woman using a riffleYou should understand the importance of investing in the right equipment if you are into hunting or range shooting. A thermal scope should be among the gadgets you own. Ideally, a thermal scope helps you to locate your targets with much ease.

There are plenty of factors that you should consider when shopping for a thermal scope. Therefore, it is necessary to employ caution when shopping for a thermal scope. That said, here are some essential factors that you should consider when buying a thermal scope.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is one of the most important things as far as thermal imaging is concerned. It determines the frequency at which the images are refreshed. Most thermal imaging scopes in the market have a refresh rate of 30Hz to 60Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the better it is your shooting your experience. How? You can always keep track of your target even when it is on the move when you have a scope with a high refresh rate.


Thermal imaging scopes are similar to convectional scopes in many ways. Just like with most devices, the image is relayed using technology. Like with most digital display units, the scope’s resolution serves a measure of measuring the clarity of the image. In light of this fact, go for a thermal scope with the highest resolution that your budget can allow. But it is worth noting that thermal scope relies on detection and recognition.

Zoom Capacity

A scope’s zoom capacity goes hand in hand with the resolution of the camera. Thus, you need to pay special attention to the zoom capacity of the scope. There are two main types of zoom – digital and optical. Optical zoom describes the scope’s ability to magnify a particular target, while digital zoom employs special software to help you get a closer view of the target.

Battery Life

As you look at the range of features that can enhance your shooting experience, it is essential to consider the battery life of the thermal scope. The battery life often tells you about how long your scope will last after charging it. For starters, a scope with a battery life of at least eight hours is sufficient to help you get going.

It is worth noting that the range of features to consider can be quite extensive. For instance, some scopes have additional features ranging from Wi-Fi connection to GPS. But the most important thing that you should do is to have a budget and spend on what you feel is essential.

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