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Steps on How to Disable Rundll32

When using a Windows computer, you may come across system problems. During the investigation, you may think that rundll32.exe process is to blame. That is because it shows up several times in the Windows Task Manager. Also, it may consume a lot of resources that it slows your computer.

You may be surprised to find that rundll32.exe is not to blame and should not be disabled or uninstalled. You should note that it is an important Windows process. If you disable it, the computer system may become unstable. Rather, it is possible to pinpoint processes that are masquerading or hijacking as rundll32.exe and uninstall or disable them.

Step One

Start by running anti-spyware and anti-virus programs on the computer. You can follow the software manufacturer’s instructions for performing a full system scan. It is advisable to do the scans in the Windows Safe Mode and then reboot your computer when done.

Step 2

It is advisable to check instability or errors in the system. Ideally, if the computer runs smoothly, you may have eradicated the problem that was compromising your rundll32.exe.

Step 3

It is advisable to check for rundll32.exe file that is legitimate. However, if the problem continues to persist, then you ought to pinpoint the programs or viruses that are hiding as rundll32. You should note that the genuine file is located in Windows system 32 folders.

Step Four

If you find fake rundll32.exe, then you need to delete it. However, you need to be careful and avoid deleting the genuine file. After deleting the files, you should empty the recycle bin.

Step Five

system processesYou need to restart your computer. If you were careful, you should have deleted the malicious version of runll32.exe. After this, your computer can run smoothly. However, if you made a mistake and deleted the file by mistake, you should copy the backup version and install it. Remember to rename it accordingly.

You should note that rundll32.exe is just a messenger. Unfortunately, it is abused by nasty software applications that send rundll32.exe error messages. If you are using the latest Windows operating systems, you may be surprised to find that there are no software applications that use it. That is because it is old technology.

The main issue with rundll32.exe is that it is used to run malware and viruses. Therefore, there is a need to review it on a regular basis and discover any issues.…

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Benefits Of Using FaceTime

FaceTime is a program that was developed by the Apple Company to be used on its products like the iPhone, Mac-book, and iPad. This application allows anybody who is using an Apple device to get connected. FaceTime allows video calling through ones emailing contacts and even phone numbers. Facetime is a video telephone with a voice over Internet Protocol.

FaceTime requires Wi-Fi or any other form of internet connection to operate properly. For many years, Apple did not allow any form of setting up FaceTime application on a computer. But currently, people can use even the Bluestacks program to configure FaceTime with their personal computers to enjoy the services. FaceTime has improved communication. Regarding this, the following are some of the benefits of using FaceTime.

Better sound quality

woman robotFaceTime application’s audio feature has got a great sound quality than most software that offers the same services. It is impressing with the way the sound quality is great when making audio calls using the application. An iPhone user or Blustacks specialists can honestly prefer FaceTime over regular cell service in making audio calls. The most important thing is that you communicate with your loved ones using Internet data or Wi-Fi connection. However, whenever your internet connection is not good, then it will affect your audio quality. I also highly recommend that whenever you are making calls using a computer, ensure that you use Bluetooth headsets or headphone to make your communication more successful.

It is cheap

Using FaceTime can be free or cheaper depending on your data plan. Nowadays, phone calls have become almost less prevalent, with the fact that many people have opted to go for calling plans. These calling plans come as a package with lower calling minutes but unlimited data. Sometimes the normal calling rates are very expensive compared to using data. Once you are connected to unlimited data, you will be able to make longer FaceTime call compared to normal cellular calls. With a great internet connection, you can use up to about 500KBs-1.5MBs of data in one minute of calling.

No matter the device you are using to make calls, Facetime for pc saves your minutes and your money.
It is very expensive when making calls from one country to another using a mobile phone. It is even more expensive to pay premiums to be able to upgrade your tariffs and plans while you are traveling to another country. FaceTime is always a great alternative. At least every hotel has Wi-Fi installed for customers to get connected to friends and family they are away. Facetime will save your money for souvenirs.

Toggling between FaceTime audio and video

Anman holding remoteother advantage with FaceTime is that it allows you to toggle between FaceTime Audio calls and the video. It is great to be able to make movements between your video and audio call. It does not matter whether you are on a phone call with a family member and wants to show something you are talking about, this makes communication more real.…

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How To Identify A Good Computer Repair Shop

man doing Computer RepairWhether you moved from one city to another, changed computer model, encounter a bad experience with your comp technician, or your preferred computer technician closed shop, there are still countless options for tending to your computer repairs and maintenance needs. Most clients have a higher level of satisfaction with independent computer repair shops than dealerships. If your computer is still under warranty, then you will still have to go to a dealership shop for repairs, but not for routine maintenance.

Sadly, identifying a computer technician that you can trust takes a lot more than buying a brand new computer. There is no shortcut, and you have to do a little bit of the old-fashioned sleuthing. Yes, there’s little or no straightforward clue as to what constitute a good computer repair shop. To help you identify an ideal shop, here are what to look for from different computer repairs based in Australia.

How to look for in a computer repair shop

Satisfactorily answers inquiries – good communicator

An expert computer technician will answer all his clients’ questions and inquiries to the best of his knowledge. He will handle any computer related issue with keen attention and give all the details a customer want. An expert technician doesn’t use phrases such as “I’ll figure it out later” or ”you need a new computer this a junk” As a client, you have all the rights to know and understand what’s wrong with your comp and how the tech is going to handle it. Nobody should intimidate you or make you feel uncomfortable just because your computer needs some minor repair.


A good computer technician will give unsolicited references to his clients upon request. By calling the past clients, one can make an informed decision on whether to engage the technician or not.

Skilled and experience

An in-depth knowledge of both computer hardware and software is significantly important if one is to operate a successful computer repair shop. A competent technician will also not fail to display any evidence as regards his academic qualifications as well as any technical experience expertise possessed. Experience is also a strong bargaining chip in computer repair and maintenance business. The more the number of years and technical training a person has in this industry, the more equipped he is to handle numerous computer related problems.

Holds professionalism dearly

A good computer repair shop behaves in a professional and courteous and manner. This includes calling the client if repair is running late, opens and closes on stipulated times, and doesn’t make inappropriately or unfriendly personal comments. The technician will also give a rough estimate of how long the repair job will take and strictly abides by it.Computer Repair

Well equipped

An ideal computer repair shop should have all the necessary tools and equipment for the job. This should include both the computer hardware as well as software necessary to handle numerous computer problems. Today, there are a million and one technical as well as software problems that a computer might have. A competent technician should be able to give clear direction and solution to most pf these issues. But, this can only be done if the shop os well equipped with right technicians and most importantly right tools.…

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Aliencodec – Software Developers

Whats happening at Aliencodec?

• The original Treemagik becomes Freeware
• Alienpatch© release announcement
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• Plant-Life© Media Booster Pack Vol 1 released

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