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Tips on Solving x3daudio1_7.dll Error

The x3daudio1_7.dll is common in windows computers. If you use DirectX software collection, you are likely to experience this issue at some point. It is impossible to play games with windows when you have this issue. The truth is that almost all versions of windows can experience the x3daudio1_7.dll, and it does not matter whether you have the latest version available.

You are likely to see an error of x3daudio1_7.dll was not found when starting a game on the Windows platform. Fortunately, there are several ways to solve the problem fast without any computer technician experience. here are some tips on solving x3daudio1_7.dll error:

Restart your Computer

The simplest way to solve any software problem is by doing a restart. Solving x3daudio1_7.dll error is also possible by restart your computer. This might help the software to reinstall automatically and solve the problem. If there is nothing serious going on with your computer, you will likely solve this error without downloading anything or installing any software.

Get the Latest Version of DirectX

Getting the latest version of DirectX might help solve the x3daudio1_7.dll error. Most of the time, the error might occur when your version is outdated. Before you do the installation, it is advisable to check your version number to get the correct one. You can use DirectX in all the latest window programs, including vista and XP. Looking at the version number will help you avoid the inconvenience of downloading the wrong version that might not be compatible.

Uninstall and Reinstall Gaming Software

If you have a gaming software on your computer, it might be causing the error. The easiest way to solve it is to uninstall the software from your computer. after that, you can install it back, and you might have solved the issue at the end of the day. This might be a long process, but it will definitely solve the error.

Update your Drivers

Updating your drivers might be the best way to do if you want to solve the error. If you have not updated your gaming drivers for a long time, there are chances that they are outdated. The error might be due to the incompatibility with outdated drivers.

errorr fixing

Computer Needs Repair

If you are experiencing error problems even after doing everything, there might be a slight chance that your computer needs repair. There must be something in the hardware that is causing the problem. You might want to take your computer to a technician so that they can check it.…

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Steps on How to Disable Rundll32

When using a Windows computer, you may come across system problems. During the investigation, you may think that rundll32.exe process is to blame. That is because it shows up several times in the Windows Task Manager. Also, it may consume a lot of resources that it slows your computer.

You may be surprised to find that rundll32.exe is not to blame and should not be disabled or uninstalled. You should note that it is an important Windows process. If you disable it, the computer system may become unstable. Rather, it is possible to pinpoint processes that are masquerading or hijacking as rundll32.exe and uninstall or disable them.

Step One

Start by running anti-spyware and anti-virus programs on the computer. You can follow the software manufacturer’s instructions for performing a full system scan. It is advisable to do the scans in the Windows Safe Mode and then reboot your computer when done.

Step 2

It is advisable to check instability or errors in the system. Ideally, if the computer runs smoothly, you may have eradicated the problem that was compromising your rundll32.exe.

Step 3

It is advisable to check for rundll32.exe file that is legitimate. However, if the problem continues to persist, then you ought to pinpoint the programs or viruses that are hiding as rundll32. You should note that the genuine file is located in Windows system 32 folders.

Step Four

If you find fake rundll32.exe, then you need to delete it. However, you need to be careful and avoid deleting the genuine file. After deleting the files, you should empty the recycle bin.

Step Five

system processesYou need to restart your computer. If you were careful, you should have deleted the malicious version of runll32.exe. After this, your computer can run smoothly. However, if you made a mistake and deleted the file by mistake, you should copy the backup version and install it. Remember to rename it accordingly.

You should note that rundll32.exe is just a messenger. Unfortunately, it is abused by nasty software applications that send rundll32.exe error messages. If you are using the latest Windows operating systems, you may be surprised to find that there are no software applications that use it. That is because it is old technology.

The main issue with rundll32.exe is that it is used to run malware and viruses. Therefore, there is a need to review it on a regular basis and discover any issues.…

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Why Google AdWords Is the Best to Grow Your Business Online

Google Ads is an advertising service established by Google which enables businesses to show their advertisements in the Google network to different online users. Businesses can come up with an advertising budget and pay for clicks only. This service mostly revolves around the use of keywords. Advertisers can come up with ads with keywords that most people use when doing their searches on Google.

You can automate several functions in your Google Ads campaign using these scripts. Some of the functions that can be automated include performance and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Using these scripts will help you save much of yourAdWords time because they minimize the process of maintaining your PPC account. Much of your focus will shift to improving its actual performance. You also don’t have to worry about missing out on different things in your advertising campaigns because scripts help capture everything. If you want your business to experience online growth, then you should make good use of Google Ads. Here is why it is the best to grow your business online.

Effective than SEO

One of the reasons why you should choose Google AdWords for business growth is because it is considered more effective than search engine optimization. SEO and AdWords are both strategies that help to generate leads to your site and boost rankings. A properly optimized AdWords campaign can be faster compared to other strategies used to increase search engine rankings. You should try it out for the best results and grow your business online.

Increased Reach

You can reach out to more clients using AdWords through their Gmail accounts. Advertisers can now reach out to different people without spamming them, thanks to the integration of Google AdWords with Gmail ads. There is a promotion and social tab in Gmail accounts where such ads are sent. Users don’t have to worry about their inboxes getting spammed by ad campaigns.

Measuring Performance

Measuring the performance of your advertisementAdWords campaigns is difficult when using conventional advertising methods such as print or electronic media. They are even more costly compared to Google AdWords. AdWords gives you an analysis of different things in your advertising campaign. You will grow your business online easily using Google Ads.…

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Simple Reasons Why You Should Use MS Paint

If you have used MS Paint before, then you know that it is one of the most accessible computer programs to use and also the essential part of Microsoft that you cannot overlook. For artists and other painting enthusiasts, drawing with Microsoft Paint has proven to be quite helpful. For those artists who have not tried using this program before, you should give it a try and discover all that you have been missing. For newbies who want to start using MS Paint, written in this article are some of the advantages you should know.


If you do a quick online search you will realize that many of the apps or programs that are used for drawing and painting are for sale. But the good news for those who want to try MS Paint is that it’s free. Microsoft manufactures the program, and it comes as a default application when installing Microsoft operating system, which makes it readily available on top of being free.


With cybersecurity threats on the rise, hackers are using any vulnerable computer programs and applications to gain access to computers and steal valuable information. This makes some people nervous and want to know more about their security, especially if they will be using programs like MS paint online. The good news is that using this app is secure and you can use it without fear of any online security attack.using paint

Easy to Look for Help

You will also be glad to know that you do not have to be a computer wizard to use this application. Even with minimal computer knowledge, you will be able to use this app without any difficulty. However, to use it effectively, you need to take some time and learn. And with the internet giving you all the information you need on how to use this app, becoming a pro in MS Paint will be easy and quick.

Easy to Help

Once you start using MS Paint and are getting better at it, there will come a time that you have amassed more knowledge, but still, there will be those things or ideas that you may want to know and understand better. When you reach this point, you should not be afraid of looking for help because Microsoft as a company has a service help portal that you can use to contact them and get all the information you wish to know about this helpful program.…

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Tips for Buying the Best Type of Telescope for Astrophotography

Having the right facts in your fingertips is one of the best ways of ensuring that you do not make wrong decisions. The good news is that the internet is always readily available to provide you with all the information that you need to identify the best type of telescope for astrophotography. Always pay attention to whenever you are looking to buy the best telescope.



Power is an essential aspect when it comes to buying an ideal telescope. The problem, however, is that many people tend to overrate the power. One critical thing that you should always understand is that a perfect telescope is not all about power. High power sound great, but there is the aspect of magnification. If the telescope has a high magnification, then it can be considered perfect.



A good telescope should have at least one eyepiece. If you find the one with high number eyepieces, the better as that is an indication that the telescope will serve you right. If you are a beginner, then you a 255mm eyepiece will be appropriate for you.


The Type

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the type of telescope that you want. There are mainly two types that you will get. Refractor telescope and reflectors are the two common types for armatures. Use the internet to gather and collect all the information that you will need to make an informed choice. If you know friends who have bought the machine before, then it will be a wise move to consult them. They will provide you with all the information that you need to find the best telescope for your home use.


Aperture Size

The size of the aperture is very significant as it influences the ability to gather light and therefore determines the efficiency of your machine. Ideally, it is a good idea to choose an aperture size that is big enough to facilitate the gathering of more information.



The Cost

The cost of a telescope tells you what to expect when using the telescope. If you go for cheap telescopes, there are high chances that you will not get the quality services that you deserve. It is, therefore, a wise decision to choose those telescopes that are a bit expensive. However, before buying them, ensure that you make a serious price comparison.…

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Features Of The Best OBD-II Scanner

As from 1996, all cars manufacturers in America have a standardized diagnostic system referred to as Onboard Diagnostics II (OBD-II). The OBD-II system was initially designed to monitor and test on motor vehicle emissions, however; the system was modified to integrate the full functioning of the entire car electrical system. Therefore, the OBD-II scanner can read codes on the car’s engine, and transmission systems otherwise referred to as powertrain by closely monitoring from a centralized computer system. The car’s system uses an inbuilt computer to constantly check on the inputs and outputs occurring to the transmission systems thereby enabling the car’s systems to run smoothly. Therefore, the most common features of the best obd-2 scanners are;

Code Readers vs. Scan Tools


Since the data port, as well as the error encoding, comply with the industry’s standards, the development of automotive scan tools has been rapid enabling mechanics and home repair enthusiasts to access the system’s codes properly. Therefore, automotive scan tools that access the OBD-II system occur in two categories; as code readers and scan tools. The OBD-II compliant code readers are used to detect error codes and enable the user to delete the error code. By detecting these codes, it is possible to diagnose the faulty parts of the car’s system thereby switching the dashboard indicator light off. More comprehensive code readers decode the meaning of the error codes. On the other hand, OBD-II scan tools provide a full on-board diagnostic system. This allows the detection of the errors and data emissions allowing for proper diagnosis.

Modes of operations

The OBD-II scanners have ten distinct modes of operations. This is because OBD-II scanners use similar system communication protocols, connectors and code designations. This makes it possible for the scanners to access information from all types of car models. Moreover, it enables OBD-II protocol support and OBD-II mode support which assists in identification functions, fault codes identification, testing, and Oxygen sensor tests.


The OBD-II scanners are connected to the car’s system through the use of internet connectivity. The connectivity in the automotive scan tools can be powered by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity which allows the reading and analysis of the codes generated from the car’s transmission system.



The OBD-II scanners occur in two versions which include; basic and professional. The Basic version applies the ELM-USB OBD-II user interface while the Professional version uses an upgrade of the ELM-USB but requires to be licensed to operate. Using the two distinct versions, one can access the functionality of the OBD-II scanners and apply the available suitable language translations.

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Benefits of technological trade shows

The technological trade shows are popular because they help different companies market their products and services. The technological advancements in video conferencing, webinars, Google Hangouts, Skype, and social media have significantly enhanced these technological trade shows. There are lots of benefits of companies exhibiting their products and services at the trade shows;


Creates a lasting impression

technological trade shows

The primary purpose of these technological trade shows is to showcase the various types of products and services that businesses offer. A well-arranged and designed show will attract the attention of the public to the goods or services provided. This is likely to create a lasting impression which will translate into more sales. These shows also increase the engagement between the businesses and the customers.

Cost effective

The technological trade shows are cost effective when compared to other types of marketing strategies that different companies use. It is budget-friendly and one of the most efficient way of showcasing the brand and services that businesses offer. Some of the prerequisites of a trade show include include a simple booth, a few technological accessories, and personnel to do the marketing. These are some of the reasons that make this method cost effective.

Target market

Businesses easily get to their target market thanks to these trade shows. This is because they are usually specially designed sections for each business depending on the niche. The customers are therefore able to easily connect with a given type of business that interests them. They usually attract customers in large numbers who come to see some of the services and products that are being offered.

New audience

They also help businesses get new clients and audience which translates to more profit. In most cases, the technological trade shows usually lay emphasis on their new products and try to reach out to new clients. Different individuals equally attend the trade shows to learn more about the new products and brands and the effect that the new products are likely to have on their lifestyles.

Direct sale opportunities


The technological trade sales also lead to the direct selling opportunities. In most cases, these conventions usually have a particular niche or market that they focus on. By exhibiting their products and services at these exhibitions, they get an opportunity to directly sell to their clients without the need of using intermediaries. This is because the odds are usually higher for consumers to buy products from the manufacturer or company because they are 100% convinced that the product is original.…

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Top 2 Data Recovery Tools For Windows


You can successfully recover your files by using the widely available data recovery tools. These data recovery tools help you to retrieve your lost data due to do software or hardware issues from your computer. It is always essential for one to set a data backup system if you have ever lost your data previously. These tools are advanced, and they help you get reliable results.


This device can be used to retrieve any file from anywhere like CDs or DVDs, hard drives, memory cards, thumb drives, external drives and other devices. This tool can help you recover files like emails, music files, images, documents, audio or videos and other types of data. This tool allows advanced deep scan mode to retrieve hidden data from the drive. This device can be utilized to recover data from damaged of formatted drives. It has excellent features like secure overwrite function, developed deep scan mode, simple user interface, superior file recovery and a lot more. It also allows military-standard deletion to permanently and securely delete unwanted files. Recuva allows an excellent flexibility to obtain files quickly.

Advanced disk recovery

This is a kind of tool that is designed to retrieve your lost data accurately and instantly. This tool enables you toclassic stuff recover all types of data from largest videos to text files from any device which includes external drives, removable devices, CDs and DVDs, hard drives, thumb drives, drive partitions and other tools. This tool is easy and user-friendly that functions on the intuitive user interface and gives rich and advanced user experience.

This device can help in performing two different types of scans like Deep Scan and Quick Scan. The app utilizes the master file table to find all the same files name in Quick scan while on Deep Scan mode the app utilizes file signatures to get erased folders and files. The app may take some time when performing Deep Scan search. So, if you are busy, you can leave the scanning process and continue it later. This app is helpful in recovering lost data instantly by following simple few steps. This tool is efficient for practical results.

These two tools are excellent tools that you can utilize for retrieving immediate and accurate results. By using these tools, you will get reliable services as they work on advanced algorithms. Just use these devices if you have lost your data, you will be amazed on how you recover it instantly.…

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Reasons For Installing A Wi-Fi Security System

holding phone

This kind of camera is used for recording and auditing all the activities that are taking place. The Wi-Fi security camera is connected a primary server that is done through a wireless network where the businessman or homeowner can record and see everything. The Wi-Fi cameras can be controlled by the owner from anywhere like from a smart phone or computer, in the house or from other places. This camera wirelessly sends video signals to a wireless receiver that is connected to the recording equipment. The following are reasons for considering wireless Wi-Fi cameras.

They are wire free

You will get other security systems connect to the telephones and walls through wires. Before breaking in intruders frequently cut those wires. The Wi-Fi security cameras do not have these many wires. The best thing about the Wi-Fi camera is its ability to record even when the phone lines are down, or there is a power shortage because the cameras operate on batteries that use cellphone frequencies.

Watching live video feed

cctvWith these cameras, you can watch the live video feed. You can see how your children are doing, or are they home from school or whenever. You can also see who is coming to your doorstep like a delivery man apart from watching out for intruders.

Discounts on insurance

Whenever a businessman or homeowner provides security for their properties, the insurance companies regularly give them premium discounts for making their properties safer. These bonuses are given to properties that are located near a fire hydrant, in communities that are secured with the homeowners install home security cameras.

Renters’ accessibilitywifi router

It was difficult for renters to install security cameras as it needed drilling of holes. But Wi-Fi security cameras do not require such drilling’s. So there are no limitations in installing these types of cameras.

Protecting your valuables

Protecting is the primary benefit of installing security cameras in your home and workplace. It is important to keep our possessions safely as we work very hard to get them. In most cases, individuals lose their precious things due to home intrusions. Most thieves love taking valuable and expensive things which are irreplaceable. This wireless home security system will give you peace of mind in keeping things safe in your home.

It is worth getting a wireless security system for your home. There are other several resources on the Internet, but the important thing is ensuring you get to know how these systems work.…

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